How NLP can help


About NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a therapeutic intervention which offers a useful and a practical approach to mental health challenges that young people and adults might face within their lives.

NLP can be likened to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but differs as it is a more dynamic therapy which is practical, and solution focused. NLP uses a wide range of techniques and strategies which are very effective and time efficient. These techniques and strategies will give that young person or adult the resources they need to overcome their challenges and take control of their emotions.

“Practical solution focused therapy producing great results for a wide range of challenges”

If you are struggling with your emotional wellbeing, NLP could be just what you need. NLP will get you thinking and behaving in a positive way, enabling you to be freed from the confines of the challenge you are suffering with,  allowing  you to live the life that you want to lead.

I offer a free consultation in which I establish what the problem is and find out what outcomes you would like from our time together. I then will use many different NLP strategies and techniques to give you the resources you need to overcome your challenges and more forward from it in a positive way.

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