Parental Separation

Parental separation can be a confusing and stressful time for everybody involved especially the children. For the children it can mean a change in routine to what they are used to and a complete change in family dynamics.

Where it might be even more challenging for the child is when circumstances become particularly acrimonious leading to legal intervention and ugly custody battles.

In these circumstances sometimes even though the parents have their child’s best interests at heart, these situations can become too much for children and can negatively impact upon their mental health.

During this tough time the services that I offer could become particularly helpful to not just the children but the whole family, through negotiations to try and move forward in the interests of everybody involved, enabling each member of the family to really understand everybody’s feelings, as well as helping children through arming them with NLP techniques, to help with any challenges they might have, giving them practical solutions which they can use for years to come.

By Chloe Farmer

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